Teresa Dalla Costa

Principal investigator at the Pharmacokinetics and PK/PD Modeling Laboratory from Federal University of Rio grande do Sul. Her research focus on antimicrobials tissue distribution following infection, PK alterations due to drug´s nanoencapsulation and PK investigation of NCE. Published over 145 scientific papers and advised more than 40 graduate students. Brazilian Coordinator of the Iberoamerican Pharmacometrics Network – RedIF, and Executive Director of SBFTE (2021-2023).

Pre-clinical pharmacokinetic investigation of NCE in Brazilian Universities

Although more than 100 Brazilian academic research groups use the key-word “medicinal chemistry” to identify their research focus at the CNPq’s Research Groups Directory, less than 10 groups point “pharmacokinetics of new chemical entities” as their focus, and only four of those conduct in vivo pre-clinical studies. The lack of qualified professionals with expertise in DMPK resulting from this gap in academic training produces important consequences for the formation of radical innovation teams at the local pharmaceutical industry. The presentation will show the current scenario of pre-clinical pharmacokinetics investigation in Brazilian universities, pointing challenges and discussing possible solutions.