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Can we use terpenes in chronic pain models? How cyclodextrins can help it?

Abstract: Brazilian biodiversity is estimated to represent about 20% of all biodiversity in the world, so its natural wealth is appreciable for several reasons: the discovery of new chemical entities, the development of therapies based on natural products, fragrances, among other reasons. Among natural products, essential oils are of great prominence in the world, as well as their major compounds (terpenes). However, its pharmacological applicability has been limited, many times, by natural characteristics such as liposolubility, volatility and instability at high temperatures. Cyclodextrins (CDs) have been shown to be a promising tool to mitigate some of these characteristics and promote improvements in the use of essential oils and related terpenes. Here, we will talk about our experience with some essential oils and major compounds that after their complexation with CDs have their pharmacological behavior altered (for better or for worse). Brazilian and exotic medicinal plants will be approached, seeking to bring an idea of the benefits of this approach and its limitations.


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