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Alan Talevi, PhD

LIDeB Tools: a Latin American resource of freely available, open-source cheminformatics apps to assist drug discovery projects Abstract: Cheminformatics is the chemical discipline dealing with the storage, retrieval, analysis, and manipulation of the increasing volume of available chemical data; today,…

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Ana Martinez, PhD

From the theory to the bench in multitarget drugs for Alzheimer's disease therapy Abstract: Multitarget approach strategy is a new emergent paradigm in drug design that is gaining stage in the pharmacotherapy of complex diseases. Among them, neurodegenerative pathologies, characterized…

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Julia Lammoglia Monteiro, PhD

Pre-Clinical Development at Eurofarma: how a Brazilian Pharmaceutical Company is investing in Drug Discovery? Abstract: The Drug Discovery team is part of Eurofarma’s Innovation Unit that, since 2015, has been working towards expanding the company’s scope of operations at national…

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Stefano Alcaro, PhD

Can in silico Medicinal Chemistry help the drug discovery of natural compounds? Abstract: In silico methods are innovative tools available in several scientific fields. In Medicinal Chemistry they are also widely diffused and, if combined with advanced techniques in structural…

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Andrea Tarozzi, PhD

Targeting the NLRP3 inflammasome in neurodegenerative diseases Abstract: Neurodegenerative diseases are characterized by progressive neuronal cell death in different regions of the human brain. Recent studies show that neuroinflammation mediated by innate immunity can actively contribute to the onset and…

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Ian Gilbert, PhD

Drug Discovery for Neglected Diseases Abstract: The Drug Discovery Unit (DDU) was set up at the University of Dundee in 2006. It is a fully integrated drug discovery unit, combining hit discovery, medicinal and computational chemistry, drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics.…

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